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Adventure Tails YXE is a group of animal lovers, enthusiasts, and professionals with the common goal of providing empathetic & compassionate care to all of our furry friends.

Adventure Tails YXE was formed May of 2020, right at the start of the pandemic. With just one pet sitting client, and $0, it was then only a side-gig and an impossible dream. Since then we have welcomed over 150 furry friends to our family, grown to a team of nine, and have expanded to include hand-made Waterproof pet gear! Our dream is constantly growing and we are grateful and excited to keep this going! Check out a bit more about our team below! We can't wait to meet you!

Care Partner Siobhan with dog Laisey
Team member Niki with dog Daisy
Anja for website_edited_edited.jpg

We always had pets growing up: birds, rabbits, cats, dogs. And I've kept that going with dogs of my own! I couldn't imagine life without them! I put that love, care, and excitement into every animal I'm lucky enough to care for. It is my life's purpose! Thank you!


I understand your feelings surrounding your pets. I put myself in your situation and provide the same quality of care and love I  know you would. I'm excited to get to know everyone, and make lasting relationships with animal and human alike!


I've always been around animals, and that's probably why I ended up with three rescues! Being around animals is the greatest gift, and they leave lasting impressions on your soul. There is really no better way to spend the day than with your pets!


I'm Anja (on-yuh), and I'm a full-time student at Saskatoon Business College. I'm also a full-time animal lover! I take something new from every experience, and find a sense of fulfillment being able to care for your pets as much as you do!

Team member Darren with dog Wrigley
Team member Laura with dog Ollie
Team member Alina with dog
Josh for website.jpg

Dogs are a huge part of my life, as I have two of my own: Laisey & Charlie. I love them so much!!! I love spending time with animals, forming bonds, and am always excited to make new fur friends! I can't wait to meet you!


I have had a deep love for animals since I was a child. Growing up on an acreage gave me LOTS of animals to care for: Cats, dogs, rabbits, chickens, duck, geese, and a horse! Caring for animals fills my heart with joy, and I can't wait to meet to fur babies!


I have always loved animals and nature, and have always had something to care for. Birds, tropical fish, cats, dogs. Even goats, which I LOVED to visit! I now have my own rescue baby, Lucifer (cat), who provides us plenty of catnip-related entertainment!


I'm a cat dad and wishful dog dad. I'm also a dad to humans, but that's not what this is about. I can't have dogs of my own due to family allergies, so I'm thrilled I at least get to hang out with them all day! I can't wait to walk your pups and give them all the attention!

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