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Meet the Gang!

Owner Adam

Adam - owner/operator/doer of all things

Adam is your pets' new best friend! Guaranteed! I'm the Jack (Russel Terrier) of the team, wearing all the hats, providing all the services, making all the Adventure Tested pet gear.

Give me a dog, cat, bird, iguana, snake, or WHATEVER, and a reason to kiss it, pet it, feed it, or let it sit on my head and I am in Heaven!​ That is where Adventure Tails comes from - a place of genuine desire to give every animal I meet the best life possible. Full of love and security. And treats!

Growing up we always had animals in the house. Cats, dogs, birds, rabbits. My parents instilled in me the joy that comes along with a pet. And the responsibility. And the poop!

I have over 25 years experience in pet partnership and the last five years offering my care services professionally to friends and family. And we have now officially been in business for three years, as of May, 2023!

Pet care is a passion that I live and breathe! And it is my career. Which means I want to make sure I am the best pet care provider I can be. I'm fascinated by empathic communication, and how human and animal emotion is communicated. Learning your pet's emotional language and using it to help you strengthen your relationship and improve training. 

Team member Darren with dog Wrigley

Darren - the husband - walker/sitter/check-ins

Hi! My name is Darren and I am thrilled to be joining the team at Adventure Tails YXE! 

I recently left my full-time job to start my own venture, 8th Chakra YXE Reiki and Sound Healing.  But when I'm not healing people, I’m walking dogs.  Does life get any better? 

I think not!

Dogs are a huge part of my life as I have two of my own: Laisey & Charlie. I love them so much!!! So I fully understand the care that is required when looking after your babies.  I love spending time with your animals, forming bonds, and am always excited to make new friends!

Thank you for helping me fill this corner of my heart with kisses and fur!

Team member Siobhan and dog Laisey

Siobhan - the Brit - sitter/check-ins

Hi! My name is Siobhan (Sha-von). I’m very happy to be joining the Adventure Tails YXE family! I’ve always had a deep affinity for animals, raising my own Shepherds Ashrah & Zoe, and a Red Fox Labrador Maggie. 

Like most pet owners, I can write on the back of a stamp the number of people whom I would entrust our fur-family to. And when faced with travel, or potentially an emergency, what do we do? I was born in the UK and moved to Canada in 2004, so when I wanted to go back home, there was always added stress figuring out who would give my girls the same level of care as I do!

That’s what I bring to Adventure Tails – my understanding of your feelings surrounding your pets, putting myself in your situation, and providing that same quality of love I know you have for them! I’m excited to get to know everyone and make new, lasting relationships with animal and human alike!

Team member Laura and dog Ollie

Laura - the level head - sitter/walker/check-ins

Hello!  My name is Laura and I am excited to join the Adventure Tails YXE family!  I have had a deep love of animals since I was a child.  I grew up on a small acreage in South East Saskatchewan and had lots of animals to love and care for!  Dogs, cats, rabbits, a horse, chickens, ducks, and geese to name a few!  I am a fur mom/granny to my Maltipoo: Ollie, Golden Retriever: Bow, and 2 guinea pigs: Miss. ChoBear and Miss. HoneyBear!  I look forward to loving your fur babies like I love my own!  Caring for animals fills my heart with joy!

Some fun facts about me outside of loving animals:  I love walking, spending time in nature, the beach, travel, sunrises and sunsets!  I am married and have 2 teenage daughters who are growing up way too fast!  I am a foodie and have my own side business making authentic Vietnamese spring rolls and was a vendor at the Saskatoon Farmers Market River landing location for many years.

I look forward to meeting new families and fur babies and providing you with abundant care and love!

Team member Niki and dog Daisy

Niki - the night owl - walker/check-ins

Hi! Niki here! And with me is Daisy (doggo), Hades (fluffy boy), and Persephone. I didn't grow up with too many animals, but I've always been around them. That’s probably why I ended up with three rescues that sort of fell into our laps. And I am in love with all of them. If I had it my way I would have more, more, MORE!

My dog Daisy has such a gentle heart and she loves to love! Before she came to us, she was always tied up, didn’t really know what it was like to be on a leash, or go for a walk, or know genuine love. With a lot of quality time and patience, she is now a Rockstar! One-on-one with your fur babies, or maybe they want to meet a new friend, I am here to help you and your family with whatever care you need to ensure you and yours are happy, feeling loved and, of course, having fun! 

Being around animals is the greatest gift. Just like the people in our lives, animals leave imprints on us that we never forget.  I believe that you treat people how you want to be treated, and that should also apply to all critters, whether they are mine or yours!

Being a part of this amazing company, hanging out with your pets, getting to know them, ensuring they are being taken care of and loved, well…there is really no better way to spend the day if you ask me!  I'm so excited to meet you and your fur families! Let's Walk

Team member Alina with unknown dog

Alina - the gardener- sitter/check-ins

Hi. I’m Alina!  I have always loved animals and nature (and people!) and have always had something to take care of. Budgies, cockatiels, a tropical aquarium with crayfish, crabs, and all sorts of beautiful fish. My family later got cat Bell and dog Zeus, who likes to be the main character at all times! He is super energetic and spends his time chasing shadows and licking walls - and of course he loves to cuddle! I've also cared for my grandparents rabbits, turkey-ducks, chickens, etc., And their neighbors had goats, which I LOVED to visit!

My partner and I live with our cat/fur-child/roommate, Lucifer, who is a rescue. Lucifer communicates with us incredibly well and understands us. He is a very chill old man-cat and we have a wonderful time together (except for when he has too much ‘nip!)

Outside of animals, the last 2 years led to the development of a very large indoor plant collection for us and I built a productive fruit and vegetable garden in our urban back yard, which keeps us very busy! I make and sell jams and preserves on Sasktainable Living and will have a blog coming soon which will focus on urban gardening, sustainable living, and preserving!

Anja for website_edited_edited.jpg

Anja - the business major - sitter

My name is Anja (on-yuh) and I have been a part of Adventure Tails YXE for a few months now! I primarily handle pet sitting, but with warmer weather ahead, and plenty of dogs needing walks, I plan to add walks & check-ins.

I’m currently a full-time student at Saskatoon Business College and find myself being a bit of a workaholic in my "free time". I have always loved animals - dogs, cats, reptiles. I take something new away from every experience and I find a sense of fulfilment being there for not only the animals but their caring owners.

When I do have spare time, it's mostly spent with friends & family.  I also enjoy reading, writing, and as much solitude as I can find at the end of a day of socialization. I’m a huge fan of superhero movies & FPS games.

I look forward to the oncoming summer months and cannot wait to meet more adoring pet owners and their furbabies!

Josh for website.jpg

Josh - the wishful dog dad - walks/check-ins

Josh has provided no statement. This is on-brand for him. So Adam will do the talking!

Josh has been a part of the team since November of 2023. He had a slower start, but has since been picking up new clients all over the place! He's been an amazing help taking on a lot of the overflow that the rest of the team can't handle, but also has his own weekly regulars. He's even made friends with AT YXE favorite Moccs. So you KNOW he's good!

Josh loves hanging out with your doggos, as he can't have any of his own. I believe his words were "my 🤬 wife is "allergic" 😒" haha. So please - all the doggos for Josh! That being said, he will gladly love up a cat or two, as he has his own cat at home.

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