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Check in Service


Life is hectic, oh yes! We have work, we have friends, family, workouts, extra meetings, groceries, and a million things in between. It's enough to make our heads spin! So sometimes you just need a little wiggle room in your day - and we're here to give it to you!

Whatever the reason, when you just can't make it home in time to check in on your fur baby, give us a call. We can be there to take care of whatever they need!

Check in service includes:

  • personalized text at the start and end of the check in

  • photos or videos sent after visit

  • covers whatever is needed - bathroom breaks, feeding, medication, play time, and definitely cuddle time!

Rates are:

1st check in - $20/15 minutes - $25/30 minutes +GST

2nd check in - $15/15 minutes - $20/30 minutes +GST

If your needs fall outside of the listed times, please contact us today for a free Meet & Greet and quote!

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