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Terms & Conditions

Including Liability and Release Waiver

Adventure Tails YXE strives to provide a safe and enjoyable experience to all animals in their care.  They also strive to keep all other parties affected by their services safe and secure, which includes, but is not limited to, their contractors, pet owners, other animals, and the general public.  As the pet owner, I understand that my animal(s) may become sick or injured while in the care of Adventure Tails Pet services, and by agreeing to their services, I agree to the following statements:

  • State that I have given consent to Adventure Tails YXE to take and care for my animal(s) under previously agreed upon terms.

  • Understand that this consent for care also releases Adventure Tails YXE and it's employee(s) from any liabilities that may lead to injury to my animal(s) or damage to any property while Adventure Tails YXE is caring for my animal(s).

  • Agree to release and hold harmless Adventure Tails YXEs and it's contractor(s) from and against all claims and costs arising from the care of my animal(s), including but not limited to vet care, property damage, and legal fees.

  • State that I understand that Adventure Tails YXE will be providing care to my animal(s). Adventure Tails YXE  agrees to provide reasonable care for my animal(s) and take all necessary precautions to protect my animal(s).

  • Understand that animals, by nature, are unpredictable. Due to this fact, I agree to let Adventure Tails YXE use their best judgement in regards to the nature of the care being provided to my animal(s), specifically in regards to the safety of my animal(s), the safety of other animals, the general public, and Adventure Tails YXE contractors.

  • Agree that Adventure Tails YXE, at the sole discretion of their contractor(s), may alter or refuse care services to myself or my animal(s) if they deem my animal(s) behavior to be a danger to themselves, other animals, the general public, or Adventure Tails YXE contractors. This includes but is not limited to:

    • High anxiety or fear from my animal(s)

    • Aggression towards other animals, Adventure Tails YXE contractor(s), or the general public​

    • An obvious condition where care being provided would compromise the health and safety of the animal(s)

  • Understand that this waiver is not exhaustive and release Adventure Tails YXE and their contractor(s) from any and all other liabilities that may arise during, or in relation to, care for my animal(s), including things known and unknown to me, that may not be included in this waiver.

I also hereby consent to allow Adventure Tails YXE unlimited use of any images or media collected during the care of my animal(s) as promotional material, so long as it does not directly compromise the identity or safety of myself, my family, or my property. This includes material used for advertising by means including, but not limited to, social media, radio or print media, or this website. I waive my rights to these images and media and any profits arising from their use.

If you have questions or concerns with any of the following statements, or do not agree to any of these terms, please speak directly to owner Adam prior to services being rendered. 

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