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Dog Luna sitting in a snowy field
One-on-one training with you & your dog.
We focus on leash skills, manners, commands, and reactivity.
1 hour one-time consultation - $50
  • 15min at home talking about current situation, 30min walk & talk to observe situation, 15min at home to debrief and lay out training.
  • Includes a full write-up laying out training and implementation.
Additional 30min sessions - $30
  • Full 30min training new & existing skills, building skills week over week.
  • No minimum booking requirement.
Dog Felix in a yellow winter coat
Private walk with your dog(s) at an agreed upon time.
  • Pick up and drop off at your home.
  • Continued leash, manners, and command training.
  • End-of-day update on walk, including photos and/or videos.
15min walk - $20 + $5 per additional dog
30min walk - $25 + $5 per additional dog
45min walk - $30 + $5 per additional dog
60min walk - $35 + $5 per additional dog
  • Walks are by household. Max of 4 dogs, as per bylaws.
  • Additional walk length options available upon request.
Cat Amigo sitting on a counter contemplating life
House visits for dogs, cats, or whatever animal needs care!
  • Visits for dogs can include feeding, medications, yard/inside play, and plenty of snuggles!
  • Visits for cats can include feeding, medications, litter cleaning,  yard/ play time, and plenty of snuggles! *we do not let cats out to roam off-leash
15min first visit - $20 + $18 for each additional visit on the same day
30min first visit - $25 + $23 for each additional visit on the same day
45min first visit - $30 + $28 for each additional visit on the same day
  • Visits can be booked in any combination of length.
  • Additional check-in length options available upon request.
Dog Rudy wrapped in a blanket
Sit & Stay
Overnight stays with your pet(s) in your home!
  • Our sitter moves in, takes over your routines, and cares for your pets where they are the most comfortable!
  • Daily updates with photos and/or videos of your pets.
  • Added benefit of having your house watched and cared for while away.
Base rate - $100 per day
  • Price per day may vary based on number of animals, complicated or specific feeding/medication schedules, etc.
  • Your sitter will provide a quote after the free Meet & Greet.
Dog Lola chewing on a toy giraffe
Yard Cleaning
Picking up the poop so you don't have to!
  • Yard cleaning is booked in 60min sets, but if it takes less time you'll only be billed for the time we're there.
  • We bring all our own tools and garbage bags.
Cleaning Rate - $40 per hour
  • We do not take the waste with us, so please have a place for us to dispose of it.
*Be advised that all prices listed are subject to GST
Cancelation Policy
  • Walks, training, check-ins, and yard cleans require a 24hr notice of cancelation or request to reschedule.
  • Sit & Stay services require a 7 day notice of cancelation or request to reschedule. 
  • Failure to provide adequate notice may result in fees & charges, up to the amount of the booked service.
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