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Dog Luna sitting in a snowy field
One-on-one training that aims to empower you to train your dog!
Training is individualized to your dog, to you, and to your situation. Designed to show you what's possible, then provide the tools and knowledge to continue the process.
1 hour one-time consultation - $60
  • 15min at home talking about current situation, 30min walk & talk to observe situation, 15min at home to debrief and lay out training.
  • Includes a full write-up laying out training and implementation.
  • We can continue this training with weekly training walks! 
Walk Training
Solo walks with Trainer Adam.
Training is individualized to your dog, to you, and to your situation. Focused on leash skills, reactivity, confidence building and more. Taking your requests in mind, as well as Adam's professional opinion.
30 minute training walk - $30
  • Every walk comes with a verbal or texted update on the day, overall progress, newly implemented or obsolete ideas/methods, and how to continue training.
  • Minimum 2 (two) bookings per week. Can be done with or without a consult.
Dog Felix in a yellow winter coat
Private walk with your dog(s) at an agreed upon time.
  • Pick up and drop off at your home.
  • Continued leash, manners, and command training.
  • End-of-day update on walk, including photos and/or videos.
15min walk - $20 + $5 per additional dog
45min walk - $30 + $5 per additional dog
30min walk - $25 + $5 per additional dog
60min walk - $35 + $5 per additional dog
  • Walks are by household. Max of 4 dogs, as per bylaws.
  • Additional walk length options available upon request.
Cat Amigo sitting on a counter contemplating life
House visits for dogs, cats, or whatever animal needs care!
  • Visits for dogs can include feeding, medications, yard/inside play, and plenty of snuggles!
  • Visits for cats can include feeding, medications, litter cleaning,  yard/ play time, and plenty of snuggles! *we do not let cats out to roam off-leash
15min visit- $20 
30min visit - $25 
45min visit - $30 
  • Additional check-in length options available upon request.
Sit & Stay
Overnight stay in your home. We move in while you travel!
  • Our sitter moves in and takes over care of your home and pets while you're away. Keeping your pets comfortable and as stress-free as possible is our goal! 
  • We strive to match normal routines as closely as possible, to minimize the impact of your travel and our presence. 
  • Feeding, medications, walks, play, and snuggles delivered on time!
Base rate $100 per night/24hr period
  • Extras such as dog park runs, trips to the vet/groomer/pet store are not included. 
  • Please include any special requests on the form.
Dog Lola chewing on a toy giraffe
Poop scooping
Picking up the poop so you don't have to!
  • Waste removal is booked in 60min blocks.
  • We bring all our own tools and garbage bags.
Cleaning Rate - $50 per hour
  • We scoop it, we bag it, we bin it. But we do not take the waste with us, so please have a place for us to dispose of it.
*Spring cleaning is currently being booked on a waitlist until weather and snow melt accommodates proper cleaning conditions
*Be advised that all prices listed are subject to GST
Cancelation Policy
  • Walks, training, check-ins, and yard cleans require a 24hr notice of cancelation or request to reschedule.
  • Sit & Stay services require a 7 day notice of cancelation or request to reschedule. 
  • Failure to provide adequate notice may result in fees & charges, up to the amount of the booked service.
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