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Walking & Training

We realize your animal's needs may not fit these times, so please contact us today for a free Meet & Greet and quote!

Sometimes life gets busy and walking your pet for even 15 minutes seems like a stretch. There is no shame in admitting that... to us. But your pet is probably shaming you all day long! They call it puppy dog eyes for a reason!

Whether you need an extra 30 minutes to get ready for work in the morning, or you want some mid-day exercise to break up their day, or maybe an evening run to tucker them out, let us handle that for you!

Walking service includes:

  • personalized text at pick-up and drop off if you aren't home

  • walk or jog along your pets preferred route (if one)

  • ongoing leash, command, and manners training

  • photo/video updates and GPS tracking (upon request)

*Walks are always individual or family unless agreed upon by all pet owners. There is never more than 4 dogs walked at one time.

Rates are:

$23 / 30min + $5 per additional household dog +GST

$35 / 60min + $5 per additional household dog +GST

I've never walked a cat but I'd be interested to try!

*Ask us how buying a walk pack can save you money!

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